Welcome to NimConf 2020!

Mark the date and time: Saturday, June 20th 2020 at 11am UTC.

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, many of us are stuck at home. This gives us a perfect reason to set up an online conference and we are doing just that. NimConf 2020 will take place on June 20th. It will be streamed for free and it doesn’t require any travelling - you will be able to participate from your home, without any travel and accommodation expenses.

Participating as an audience

All talks will be streamed and recorded for later viewing. Watching the talks live will allow you to ask questions and participate in the discussions with other viewers and the speakers.

Each talk will premiere on our YouTube channel as a part of NimConf 2020 playlist.

Streaming live in:


Relevant links and discussions

Time schedule

Talk name
Starting time
NimConf 2020 introduction (video) 11:00 UTC Andreas Rumpf
An intro to Nim for the uninitiated (video) 11:15 UTC Dominik Picheta
Making games quickly in Nim with Nico (video) 12:00 UTC Jez Impbox
INim is back! (video) 12:30 UTC Tristram Oaten
Embedding NimScript (video) 12:45 UTC Peter Munch-Ellingsen
Coffee break
Omni - DSL for low level audio programming (video) 13:30 UTC Francesco Cameli
Nim in a light switch - Programming the ESP8266 (video) 14:15 UTC Christian Jacobsen
Game Boy Advance Development in Nim (video) 14:45 UTC Jeremy Clarke
Lunch break
Nim ARC/ORC (video) 16:00 UTC Andreas Rumpf
Dali: Assembling Android .apk files with Nim (video) 16:45 UTC Mateusz Czapliński
Multithreaded programs - the good, the bad and the buggy (video) 17:30 UTC Mamy André-Ratsimbazafy
Coffee break
Decimal128: When/How To Use (video) 18:30 UTC John Dupuy
Gerbil: A "Dynamic Site Generator" in Nim (video) 19:00 UTC Jason Jones
Plugins for Jester (video) 19:30 UTC John Dupuy
Fidget: Let's rethink UI development with Nim (video) 20:00 UTC Andre von Houck
Introducing Enu, 3D live-coding in Nim (video) 20:45 UTC Scott Wadden